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A boutique training provider offering high value, cost-effective qualifications in teaching and training, hospitality, and leadership and management.

25-plus years' experience in the industry

NCAL Limited has been working in the world of work-based qualifications for over 25 years.  Our clients include some of the biggest household names in the UK.  We are specialists at mapping employer, in-house training programmes to formal qualifications, which means greater reward for learners and more kudos to employer learning and development functions.  We are also experts in the design of  high-quality apprenticeship programmes, especially for large employers.  25 years of knowledge and practice is a long time in this business, and this high level of expertise all gets focussed on you!

Reaching a Deal


NCAL has been successfully delivering first class coaching, consultancy and vocational  training since 1998.  We could only achieve such longevity by providing our clients with what they want. We work to a strongly held set of corporate values that put integrity, innovation and enjoyment at the heart of everything we do.

We've helped literally thousands of people achieve qualifications during this time, and every achievement is as exciting to us as the very first success all those years ago. 

Click below to learn more about our core values and to read just a small sample of some of the nice things our clients have said about us.


We stick to what we're good at. We offer a range of qualifications to support trainers and assessors, people working in the hospitality sector, and business leaders and managers.

Its very important to us that you achieve what you set out to achieve.  That's why we have a completely free guidance and advice session with every employer and every individual learner that is interested in getting formal recognition of their skills and knowledge through qualifications.

Teaching and learning qualifications

Hospitality qualifications

Leadership and management qualifications

Business Meeting
Similing Team


We also offer bespoke coaching, mentoring and consultancy services to the apprenticeship market.  These services fall into two main categories:

  •  Remote online personalised coaching and consultancy support aimed at helping the senior management teams and leadership of apprenticeship providers and employer providers.

  • On site consultancy to tackle specific problems and tasks that require a more complex intervention strategy. 


We keep our coaching and consultancy costs very simple.

We also offer a 10 per cent discount for advance bookings involving six or more coaching sessions.

Nothing complicated about that, we hope!  Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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