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I have always found it a pleasure working with you.
Sandra – Head of Education, Compass Group

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NCAL for us has been the perfect partner.
Ozzy - Pret A Manger

Welcome to NCAL
A boutique training provider offering apprenticeship solutions to large employers

“Boutique” – def. A business serving a sophisticated or specialised clientele

We like this definition. It describes both us and our employer clients very nicely! We’ve used the term for a long time. NCAL is responsive to our clients’ needs. We recognise that every organisation is different, and every apprentice is an individual. Welcome to our website. We can’t tell you everything about us in these few pages, but we hope there will be enough in here for you to want to learn a little more.

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Ten good reasons to choose NCAL

NCAL is one of nearly 1,700 organisations who are approved to deliver apprenticeships to large employers as a “main provider.” That’s an awful lot of organisations all clamouring to look after around 19,000 employers who are paying the levy. It makes selecting the right provider for your organisation rather tricky, so here are ten good reasons why you should choose NCAL as your apprenticeship partner.

What Apprenticeships Do We Offer?

We specialise in apprenticeships for the hospitality and catering industry. We only offer new apprenticeship standards, not old apprenticeship frameworks, which simply means we’ve already embraced the changes that were introduced in 2017 and are not stuck in the past. More new apprenticeship standards are being developed and we will add these to our portfolio as they become available.

Why Offer Apprenticeships?

This is where we get a little unorthodox so, please bear in mind that the government has published a couple of useful guides about apprenticeships, which you can find here:

The question really is, “Why wouldn’t you offer apprenticeships?”  If you’re reading this, you’re likely to be a large and successful employer, possibly with a well-known brand to promote and protect, with all the usual HR pressures and challenges, and with a pot of money in your levy fund that you have to make decisions about.

What Do People Say About Us?

There’s no Trip Advisor-esque review system for training providers. We rely on feedback from our apprentices and our employer clients. We are also subject to Ofsted inspection. We know that we have a 100 per cent satisfaction rating from our employers and a 95 per cent satisfaction rating from our apprentices. You can’t please everyone!

People say nice things, and you’ll notice a few of these popping up as you explore this site a little more. Many thanks to all those lovely people!

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