We’ll publish a blog every week or so.  They will normally have some relevance to apprenticeships and/or the hospitality sector.  Sometimes, however, we might just have a rant about something  or write about a topic not related to learning at all.  It all depends how the mood takes us!  Either way, we hope you enjoy them and find them useful.
The first modern British passport was issued in 1914. It was very different from the current version in many respects, but it did feature a photo, signature and a brief, written description of the holder. Over 70 per cent of UK citizens have passports, compared to around 46 per cent of Americans...  Read more
What a furore there is at the moment over off-shore investment. So many wealthy people have been named in the media for using such investment vehicles...  Read more
We are currently experiencing an absolute torrent of sexual harassment allegations that are saturating the news media. It’s a dismal and depressing state of affairs. Such actions are a direct attack on the wellbeing of the victims...  Read more

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