We’ll publish a blog every week or so.  They will normally have some relevance to apprenticeships and/or the hospitality sector.  Sometimes, however, we might just have a rant about something  or write about a topic not related to learning at all.  It all depends how the mood takes us!  Either way, we hope you enjoy them and find them useful.
It’s a privilege to live in a democratic society. Of the world’s 7 billion plus inhabitants, under half (3 billion) live in free, fully democratic countries. Put simply, this means that citizens of a democratic country are empowered to run government...  Read more
My father-in-law was the guest of honour at a special dinner on Saturday night. A group of retired police officers came together to recognise the time when, fifty years ago...  Read more
Did you manage to watch any of the Invictus Games in September? My overall and lasting impression is one of inspiration. It is incredible how people overcome the most severe obstacles and rebuild their lives after significant trauma. I can say exactly the same about the Paralympics, which are equally inspirational and a must-see every four years...  Read more

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