We’ll publish a blog every week or so.  They will normally have some relevance to apprenticeships and/or the hospitality sector.  Sometimes, however, we might just have a rant about something  or write about a topic not related to learning at all.  It all depends how the mood takes us!  Either way, we hope you enjoy them and find them useful.
The Daily Telegraph carried an article in its edition 21st September about the high number of undergraduates who drop out of their university courses. So-called soft courses appear to bear the brunt of the problem, with up to two-thirds of students dropping out within the first year. Among these are courses such as Computer Games Development; Human Resources Management; Film…  Read more
I heard Sir James Dyson on BBC Radio 2 this week talking about a group of young people who had started an engineering training programme at his organisation. Chris Evans interviewed him briefly and I could sense Sir James’ energy and passion for technology, engineering and innovation. I think Sir James was probably talking about a group of degree apprentices...  Read more

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