Thinking of an away day to help develop your team’s productivity?  The principles of team work and team leading are pretty well established but sometimes rather too dry to absorb.  We take these principles and turn them into something fun!

These are not just jolly days out.  All our activities are underpinned by clearly defined learning objectives that are designed to have a positive impact on skills and understanding.  For example, you might want to:

  •  Visit a vineyard and learn a little about wine while, at the same time, discovering how the process of tasting wine closely relates to some of the fundamental skills of leading a team. Crazy but true!

  • Learn how to create a signature dish with one of our top chef trainers while also exploring the skills behind team cooperation, resource planning and meeting deadlines.  You’ll also get to have a nice meal in the process! 

  • Enjoy some archery while increasing your patience and improving your confidence.  Of course, you’ll also gain some great perspective on hitting your targets!

We are happy to explore any idea to enhance your team’s performance, so get in touch and we’ll work together to create an event that is just right for you.


NCAL is approved to deliver a broad range of qualifications up to level 7 (equivalent to a Masters degree).  We do this for individuals looking to ehhance their career prospects as well as for companies seeking to formally develop their staff.  The following gives an overview of the general qualification areas we offer:

  • Team leading and supervision

  • Leadership and management

  •  Business administration

  • Customer service

  • Hospitality and catering

  • Learning and development

  • Health and safety and food safety

  • English and maths

  • Safeguarding and the Prevent Duty​

We have extensive experience of aligning employers’ training programmes to certificated qualifications.  We also offer the facility to provide prestigious certification of internal learning and development as a fast and cost-effective alternative to the official qualification route.


NCAL provides executive coaching and mentoring support to help people get the best out of their careers and responsibilities.  We offer this service across a broad range of positions from board level down.  

We also work in partnership with our sister company, multiBrain, to provide support for clients in their private lives.  Visit www.multiBrain.co.ukfor more information or get in touch with us for a confidential chat.


We specialise in apprenticeships in management, hospitality and catering and learning and development.  We work exclusively with large employers who pay the apprenticeship levy.  We take the view that each employer’s apprenticeship programme is unique and, as such, we work closely and diligently to design a bespoke approach to delivering apprenticeships in each organisation.

With 21 years’ experience behind us, we will undoubtedly be able to offer a solution to meet your company’s apprenticeship needs.

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