Organisations on the register of Apprenticeship Training providers (RoATP), like NCAL are subject to inspection by Ofsted.  Ofsted visited NCAL in June 2019 for a short monitoring visit.  Here’s a selection of the nice things the inspectors said about us in their report:


  • Senior leaders have an effective strategy for their apprenticeship programmes

  • Managers work closely with employers … and have…..very positive working partnerships with employers.  They value the high-quality training their employees receive.

  • Senior leaders monitor effectively the quality of training

  • Apprentices develop their vocational skills quickly

  • Managers are very knowledgeable about the final tests

  • Trainers provide good quality on- and off-the job training

  • Apprentices speak highly of the good-quality training and support they receive from their trainers

  • Senior leaders protect their apprentices well

  • Apprentices have a good working knowledge of British Values


We’re pretty pleased with that.  Of course, Ofsted also pointed a couple of issues for us to improve on and we’ve embraced this development areas.  One of these is to find better ways to help apprentices gain English and maths qualifications.  The other is about the formality of some of our internal reporting mechanisms.  So, we’re working on those and generally continuing to improve in every area of our delivery on an ongoing basis.  Why wouldn’t we?




—  Lucy, Training and Development Manager, Loungers


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