Giving a Presentation


1.  We have been supporting workbased learning and apprenticeship programmes for 21 years.  That’s a pretty good track record. We’ve seen training providers come and go.  Some have gone spectacularly in a huge financial implosion leaving their employer clients and apprentices high and dry.  We believe in steady, organic growth that puts the interests of our clients and learners at the heart of everything we do.

2.  We never use the same delivery model twice. We design a learning and development plan that’s right for each individual and each employer.  There is no rigidity, no standardisation, no must-haves, and no problem we can’t solve. We call it our business-as-usualapproach.  By getting the delivery design right, we can’t help but enhance your performance.

3.  We have two distinct arms to our business to serve both our individual and corporate clients.This means we can effectively reach a much wider audience to personalise and serve the different needs of each group. We are equally interested in the success and achievement of a single individual as we are in supporting a large employer’s learning and development strategy.

4.  We work towards helping our employer clients become self-sufficient– i.e. to reach the stage when they can deliver apprenticeships without the assistance of a training provider. We’ve done this many, many times over the years.  It’s not what every employer wants but, once you’ve got the hang of it, you may prefer to handle the whole package and become an approved Employer Provider. 

5.  We’re fussy about who we work with. We decline business if we’re not certain a client shares our demanding values for delivering high quality training and apprenticeships.  This may sound slightly odd, but we’d rather not become partners with organisations who don’t support our passion and commitment to apprenticeships. It’s not the money that drives us, it’s the challenge of delivering the best learning experience to our customers.

 6.  We only take on business that we can manage well.   This helps us ensure we remain focused on the needs of our clients, not ours.  We’d rather not take on new business just for the sake of income.  We aim for high quality delivery each and every time.

7.  We’re not owned by investors or banks or parent companies.  We’re a small, family run business that has always had the freedom to invest in our clients’ development as we see fit.  It’s a nice position to be in, and it means we are truly independent.

8.  Our corporate trainers work exclusively for a single client.  Many providers stretch their staff resources across multiple clients. NCAL does not do this.  We provide experts who are dedicated to our client organisations.  This means they can really immerse themselves in the culture, ethos and working practices of our clients without any distraction.

9.  We’re always looking to try out new ideas.  An organisation doesn’t last 21 years without changing and rolling with the punches sometimes. We embrace creativity and innovation, and will always try to bespoke our services to match our clients; requirements and proposals.

10.  We don’t do boring! We firmly believe that learning is more effective when you’re having fun. We focus on bite-sized learning activities that enhance understanding and skills.  Why be dull?